electronic throttle control light on car won't start

Before you proceed, make sure that your check engine light is not on. It really depends on what is actually damaged which would determine the ballpark estimate for repairs. Here are some issues you might face when the Electric Throttle Control Light is on. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Electronic throttle controls have allowed manufacturers to change engine architectures and eliminate weak mechanical links. Thats the case with the throttle control sensor, also known as the throttle body position sensor. However, a more thorough investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) revealed no defects in any of the cars. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The average cost is $645. JavaScript is disabled. When you are looking for a small-range sedan, you need to get somewhere quickly and inexpensively, and may even need to take a few kids with you. guides, Check cars for recalls, common issues & maintenance I did the key dance and got no error codes, instead it displayed " - - - -" then "DONE". Let us look at the common reasons why your Electonic Throttle Control light might be illuminated. When you press the accelerator, the system runs erratically, which results in a hesitant or staggering acceleration. I started my van this evening. Most of all, it makes modern features like cruise control and adaptive cruise possible. Sometimes works. Does the fluid smell like gasoline? The accelerator pedal, ETC module, and throttle body are all components of the electronic throttle control system. AI slowed down to turn around and come home. My car has an automatic transmission. multiple lights showing up on my dashboard: 1. However, if your vehicle does have a dedicated electronic throttle control light, it usually looks like a lightning bolt with a curved line on each side. The ETC light came on when I First off, you need to look at the maintenance aspect. Unlike the mechanical throttle control unit, the ETC consists of a lot of wiring. There arent a lot of moving parts in the Electronic Throttle Control unit. My 2013 Chrysler Town & County ETC light is on. If the two warning lights come on; there should be an error code stored in the ECU that can be downloaded with a digital scanner that triggered the warning lights to illuminate in the first place. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The check engine light also comes on due to several other reasons, which is why we recommend visiting an auto specialist and having the car scanned for any trouble codes . And this is where I get to do that freely without reservations. Vehicles were said to suddenly speed out of control due to ETC failures. Usually, all that it does is process and send electrical impulses. But once you know the associated signs, you can make the diagnosis yourself. Would a new battery help it, or do I need to replace the ETC? Hi I'm having the same problem with my 2007 dodge caliber. Yes but not too long, this is because it controls the throttle plate inside the throttle body and allows air and fuel to pass through via the motor. When looking for a new car in the future a Step 1: If your throttle control is bad, then the engine check light is ON, now use a scanning device to scan your vehicle. Your car will get too much air if the throttle is jammed open, which will cause an increased or unpredictable idling. Just ensure that the accelerator pedal is fully released 2. The cost for replacing the throttle control unit varies drastically depending on the car you drive. Can You Get Emissions Test Done With Check Engine Light On, How to shut off the SRS light in a 2007 Mitsubishi, What Happens if You Disconnect the Throttle Position Sensor, How to Reset Electronic Throttle Control Manually Chrysler 300, How to Reset Check Engine Light Dodge Caravan (Dodge Caravan Check Engine Light Codes), Guide on How To Pass NJ Inspection with Check Engine Light, How to Fix the Electronic Throttle Control 5.7l Hemi, How to Read & Reset Check Engine Light Jeep Wrangler, Zafira fault codes: Vauxhall Zafira engine management light reset, Effects of Driving a Car With a Bad Fuel Pump, Cost To Replace Water Pump And Timing Belt, How To Remove Power Steering Pump Pulley Without Puller. If youre trying to figure out if theres a problem, you need to know how the system works when everything is normal. Anyone with similar experiences? VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Asked by Lynn Hamby Oct 18, 2016 at 09:53 AM about the 2012 Chrysler Town & Country. Electronic throttle control light came on. The improper fuel ratios that the ECU ends up mixing in the combustion chamber is rough on both your fuel economy and your engine. Modern vehicles are loaded with sensors at every twist and turn. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. SOLVED: For 2010 acadia, where is the location of 02. So, you might not be surprised to know the Electronic Throttle Control Unit is also a crucial component in your car. All of my lights, windows and radio are working though. Sometimes a problem with the ETC will also result in the check engine light coming on along with the Electronic Throttle Control Light. If your battery is 3 or more years old it may be going bad. The diagnostic from Autozone came ou CarGurus has 2,978 nationwide Town & Country listings starting at $1,100. The price is significantly higher if you own a luxury car. Drilling Holes in Muffler: Is It a Good Idea and How to Do It? The initial drive-by-wire electronic throttle control (ECT) technology debuted in 1988. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. My 2009 chrysler sebring has the electronic throttle control light on and won't go over 20 mph and on top of that takes 4 to 5 times to start and I've only had it for about 3 weeks. However, a few signs may indicate a problem with the ETC system. I was just working on one the other day. For this to work, you first need to get your engine heated up to optimal temperature. I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 Hemi and the red lighting bolt is on. Went to start my car this morning and the engine did. To reset the electronic throttle control system, perform the following: Insert ignition key and turn to "ON" position but do not start the engine Wait for all the warning lights to go out. The module uses this information to communicate with the throttle position sensor to establish the correct throttle position. Replacing the butterfly valve is not necessary. You can run a process called relearning. I've searched the forums here and over at the other place and didn't come up with much. A shame it took until monday for them to fix it. They didn't mention any charges but yes it's under warranty so I'm not expecting any. This Hi Charles. This is another unpleasant scenario that you might be in if your ETC light is on. The few moving parts that are present, reside inside the throttle body. Before you head to the dealer again, contact one of our local professional mechanics to complete a simple check engine light is on inspection. If the unit is actually damaged, the light will come back on. But when this happens without your control, you will notice a change in fuel consumption. If it has no smell it is probably just condensation coming from the exhaust. I took the depressed the accelerator pedal You will also want to have the computer scanned to check for any fault codes that may have been logged as a result of the lightning bolt showing up in the dash. Whenever it fails, the reason is often a clog and can be cleaned out easily. I did change the purge regular valve, when the check engine light first came on. Drain out all of the oil from the Hello - there a number of possibilities for a "no start" condition (https://www.yourmechanic.com/question/the-car-crank-but-won-t-start-by-emad): dead or weak battery, ignition switch, starter solenoid or motor. after I start the van and stays on. Wait for 7 seconds and press the accelerator all the way for 20 seconds. What could it be . The entire throttle body system might be in danger if one or more of those parts were to wear out and break. Any serious fault in the electronic throttle control system will also cause the electronic throttle control light on. The fuel trims can be checked while the engine is warm and spraying around the intake manifold gaskets to see if the trims Hi there. See if you can update the thread when you get it back. on the wire harness and replaced throttle In either case, study the code and create a strategy to get your car back on the road. Had the car to the garage about six times for the check engine light. throttle body shorted out. Went to start my car this morning and the engine did Help The average cost of replacing a throttle control unit is $645. This system works directly with the ECU to determine a wide array of factors. This might be caused by a variety of reasons. Try to adjust the dashboard light's rheostat to see if it is turned all the way dim in such a way that you cannot see the lights. The check engine light may remain on. And then, the engine seems to have very poor idling. Won't shift from neutral either? The electrical signal varies according to the pressure you use to press down on the pedal. For more car tips, here are some other posts you may check out: How To Reset The Throttle Position Sensor In a Toyota, How to Reset the Throttle Position Sensor in a Honda, How to Reset the Throttle Position Sensor in a Chevy, 2023 Car, Truck and Vehicle How To Guides - Vehicle Freak, How To Fix A Car Window That Wont Stay Up, Battery Discharge Warning on a Kia: Meaning, Causes, and Fixes, Power Window Not Working on Passenger Side (Causes and Fixes), Hyundai Elantra Car Alarm Goes Off for No Reason (Causes and Fixes). Whenever someone depresses the throttle pedal, the electronic throttle control will receive an electrical signal and will send some commanding actions to control the throttles opening and closing. And in this post we are going to look at the common reasons electronic throttle control light comes on but car wont start and why a service electronic throttle control truck wont start assuming you own a truck. There are multiple sensors that are used in the ETC unit. -I have a 2007 300c base with 102,000 miles on it. The check engine light may remain on. 2023 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. This is what dealership says. is my last car to buy from this dealership. You will have to remove the timing belt (https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/timing-belt-replacement), exhaust manifold, intake manifold, all vacuum lines, the cylinder head, and the oil pan to gain access to the piston removal. We already looked at the function of the butterfly valve. However, if the light illuminates while driving, it means that there is a fault. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. But the longer you put off repairs, the more severe the symptoms will become, and the more dangerous it will become to drive your vehicle. need some help. The steering related noise could involve the power steering pump and/or drive belt although there are other possibilities. I'll ask if it threw codes and stuff when I get there. This accelerating issue can lead you to major safety risks. Thanks for the question tonight. Here at E H Car, we bring you the latest news, and reports on electric and hybrid vehicles while providing helpful general car fixing tips, repair, and buyers' guides for various car models and brands. Cell: 068 477 1312 / 065 948 1803 Thinkdiag 2 Full system Diagnosis Thinkdiag 2 can diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and China.. The throttle systems evolution from a mechanical unit to an electrical unit changed the path of the future of automobiles. Still, this is not an issue that is unheard of. When the throttle control light is illuminated, it indicates an issue with the system. There are multiple warning lights in your dash. A visual and mechanical inspection will help you determine if the throttle body is working the way it should. On the other hand, if you own a Toyota Corolla, the repair cost could be around $1000. Note that one of the reasons electronic throttle control is having issues is the irregular response from the throttle controller. Conversely, the throttle might close too much, either while idling or while driving. Yes it could happen if the battery was removed or if you have low voltage on the battery, see if you have 12 volts. A battery is about a $100 and many autoparts stores will install it for The noise associated with steering at low speed is not related to the fault causing code P1717 to display. Instead, it might only close partially, leading to an excessively high idle. Instead of using mechanical signals, this method makes use of electronic signals. SOURCE: Electronic Throttle Control light I took my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi to a mechanic that works from a garage at his home, recommended by a friend of mine. If is is just water from the exhaust there is nothing to worry about. All of the electronic components can be working independently just like they should, but if the actual throttle body is stuck or damaged, the system as a whole wont work correctly. For this, you need to pull out on OBD2 scanner and find the error codes. costs, Optimize fleet uptime and compliance via mobile vehicle repairs, Partner with us to simplify and scale fleet maintenance, The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Note that every malfunction in the electronic throttle control system will trigger an OBD-II error code that is stored in the engine control module (ECM). No Code. The ETC is made up of numerous parts. It won't start. Rodents chewing wires is also a candidate. As it opens and closes, the required amount of air enters the engine. Our certified mechanics come to you Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guaranteeFair and transparent pricing. How do you remove the pistons in the engine while the engine is in the car? To answer your location question, the ECM is behind the fuse and relay block of electronics under the passenger side of the dash (behind the glove box). "Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.". Won't shift from neutral either? However, I wouldn't automatically assume that the root source of your problem are the plugs or plug wires. The 1st thing that MUST be done is to have the electronic engine control system computer (called the "PCM") scanned for fault codes, this gives you the starting point for diagnosis od why the warning/fault light is on. If this does not correct your problem, I would suggest having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose and inspect your vehicle. guides, Check cars for recalls, common issues & maintenance Try resetting the throttle control unit by doing the following: Insert ignition key and turn to "ON" position but do not start the engine If everything is in order, now you can disconnect the battery. If you notice that the Electronic Throttle Control Light is on, then there is a good chance that the engine stall is caused by an issue with ETC. The check engine light may remain on. The acceleration pedal position sensor sends the current position of the accelerator pedal to the control module. If this system has an issue, the electronic throttle control light illuminates. Slowly depress the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor. Still, this is not an issue that is unheard of. When more fuel ignites, the performance will increase. YourMechanic All rights reserved. In some rare cases, the throttle control unit fails prematurely. Sometimes faulty electronic throttle controls will lead to a throttle body that never closes to a regular idle. A fault in the ETC means that youd be encountering some uncomfortable occurrences. What could this be??!! This is often a procedure that must be repeated in the event the battery is ever disconnected. I have a 2008 town and country. I'd make sure all your main power connections are tight and clean (battery + and -, starter leads and auxiliary post under the hood), replace the fuses mentioned above, then check your PCM connection harness at the box and the connector to make sure they are clean and not corroded. Please see our. Damaged wiring starts to interfere with the conduction of the wires. ETC requires substantially less maintenance because it has fewer moving parts and is less likely to wear out. Thats why its so important to fix the electronic throttle control as soon as a malfunction occurs. This feature has been installed to aid in protecting your engine. Other than that, the force that needs to be applied can vary due to external factors. If something is working why would you change it. The electronic throttle control, however, senses when you press the pedal and compares it to information gathered by different sensors around the car. Naturally, the ETC programming interprets these locations as a malfunction and switches the entire system to failure mode. Disconnecting the battery doesn't help as it wiped any data that was stored. It could also consider steering and braking inputs as an alternative. 2023 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Drive around for a while allowing the engine to heat up. This means, that due to the sensors, there are multiple ways to send signals, which enable new technology to thrive. The only way to be certain is to use an OBD2 scanner and scan the error codes. A battery with not enough juice to crank an engine will still turn on lights and buzzers. Sometimes an electronic throttle control light illuminated could be connected to a change in the fuel economy. Want Answer 0. Real-time TPS data confirm the ETC modules actual throttle position. 2023 If this were the case, cleaning the valve and removing the clog a viable solution. The signals that are sent from the accelerator pedal can be sent to a few different places. Again, there is no way to pinpoint the problem without further analysis. ESP/TCS Indicator Light 2. Just won't start. But even when you figure out what it means, if you dont understand why its turning on and how to make it stop, it can feel like a ticking time bomb. Start by replacing the wires. I know GMs do that all the time. Imagine if you had no control over the gas pedal and it has a mind of its own. Made with in Silicon Valley. Carcody.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. (see scanner tool here) Once done, its time to take the correct repair action immediately. Is switching from mechanical actuation to electrical signals advantageous? Also, in such a situation, the throttle control wont have signals, which will cause it not to work correctly at some times. It might send in more air than necessary. Ten Sports Cars That Double as Good Daily Drivers. As long as the light turns back off, it means that everything is working the way it should. Good as new . ETC is electronic throttle control but mechanic says my problem is battery, Needed a The problem could be caused by several other systems, like your Traction/ABS Control, Transmission Control, Engine Control, a Data Bus Problem, a wiring problem etc. Try resetting the throttle control unit by doing the following: Insert ignition key and turn to "ON" position but do not start the engine Wait for all the warning lights to go out. I called Jeep Roadside Service (vehicle under bumper-to-bumper & powertrain warranties) and tell them I need to be towed. electronic throttle control warning light and won' Hi. I hit the traction control off button and the same light pops up next to it with "off" right underneath (ETC still flashing). Thats because while you can get away with driving with a defective throttle control for a little while, doing it for an extended period of time will end up causing damage to your engine. Other wise your ETC Light would not be coming on at all. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, electronic throttle control light came on, wont start, Is there a way to reset my computer/electronic throttle control on my 2011 DODGE Journey SE, Car wont start no crank but fuel pump is running, Contains hate speech or attacks an individual, Nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content. It never acted like it was trying to start up either, so I don't think it's the starter. ETC is one of the dozens of computer-controlled electronic systems in most modern vehicles. Despite not being the most attractive part of your car, it is one of the most crucial. The throttle body controls the amount of air sent to the combustion chamber in the engine. The driver had direct control over engine speed and power until the late 1980s, when the throttle body was managed by a cable attached to the accelerator pedal. Carfax shows minor damage no airbag deployed. So, being that there is only about 3000. CanYouJumpstart ACar With ABadAlternator? An intermittent throttle control 2. Car symbols, or dashboard lights, are a car service reminder. Just as title says - Patriot won't start. Typically intake manifolds do not wear out from use. Often, the throttle control unit will last longer than the car. All the wires from the sensors run to the Electronic Throttle Body. To be more specific, the issue arises when there is a problem with the butterfly valve. With time, this valve gets clogged. Whenever any of these warning signs occur, any engine that has a throttle controller will trigger an OBD-II error code which is already stored inside the ECM and can be downloaded and examined by a professional mechanic with help of a digital scanner. There are multiple possible causes for a clog. From fuel supply to engine timing, the electronic throttle control has a role to play in all of it. The ETC is a unit that doesnt fail regularly. While more expensive and complex than the outdated cable-driven methods, electronic throttle control typically lasts for at least ten years. my Jeep will NOT start! The throttle body should open with minimum effort and should close automatically as soon as you release it. The process cannot be done if your check engine light is on. start. The electronic throttle control warning light might also illuminate due to damage to the throttle control. A forum community dedicated to Dodge Caliber owners and enthusiasts. Find answers to all your Jeep Patriot technical questions. ETC is electronic throttle control but mechanic says my problem is battery, could that be true? Several resistor-based APS and TPS can degrade over time, resulting in blank patches in the signal when voltage or resistance suddenly surges or falls. What does it mean and how to fix it? Wait for all the warning lights to go out. Did u find out what it was? Finally, as technology develops, we witness a number of conveniences. Also, your ECM will limit the car speed to save the engine from having further damage. From there, the ECU optimizes timing and fuel input for maximum efficiency. body. The old unit has a lot of moving parts. Causes and Fixfor AlternatorNotChargingBatterybutAlternator isGoodIssue. So, once the symptom appears, have the car serviced. This clogs the system. 2 weeks ago I was driving to work when all three of these lights came on. Bad Alternator Vs Bad Battery, Which One Has Issues? Question type: Maintenance & Repair. It is not a common repair job that you have to do in your car. The Throttle Valve Closed Position Learning 1. If you do want to repair the unit yourself, you need to replace each component one at a time. This happens because of damage to the throttle controller. The red lightning bolt indicates that there is a problem wit the electronic throttle control unit. Often, it lasts longer than the car itself. Although the accelerator pedal has the same appearance as before, how it works with the throttle body has changed. You can try to give it a couple snacks with a Almost every part of your car is there to serve a purpose. Try to open and close the throttle body and be sure to check for any visual obstructions. The throttle position sensor measures and reports to the control unit regarding the opening on the throttle. This is one of the worst things to encounter. But the ETC can also cause your car to stall. It is a little on the high side, but within the average RPM levels. My car has 70000 miles. This will indicate the cause of the issue. Evic showed 11.9 volts so i checked and tested all fuses , #11 for tcm was bad:sigh1:, went and got a new one. The sensors in the module read the signals and react accordingly. Because some ETC systems use parallel APS and TPS circuits for self-testing and failure redundancy, you can still operate the car in this scenario because it appears to be working well. You might occasionally notice a reduced engine power or vehicle speed, where the ETC has entered a limited-operation failure state. Depending on it the cost could be anywhere between $500 and $1500. Without it, your car will malfunction. But when replacing an electric unit with relays and sensors, there is a lot of room for mistakes. accelerator and throttle position the engine did nothing, all I get is a clicking noise from the. , just not start and ETC symbol came up! Probably bumped a wire off while installing the starter. Slowly depress the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor. The ETC, on the other hand, has fewer moving parts. Usually, it is either dirt and debris or carbon build-up. Sounds like everything is getting power, makes all clicks, etc. Any damages that occurs in the throttle control is another thing that will cause the electronic throttle control warning light to illuminate. The air intake inlet starts to accumulate dirt and debris with time. Service electronic throttle control truck won't start Here are some common warning signs of a throttle controller that is failing. The amount of air intake, managed by the throttle body, determines engine power output. Cars were my first love, my strongest passion, and favorite hobby. The throttle is the component where the input that you send from your right foot on the accelerator pedal is transferred to the engine. With this information, the ECU starts to send more fuel to the engine. And then turn the ignition switch to "OFF' and then wait for at least 10 seconds The Idle Air Volume Learning (Throttle Position Learning) Please note that it's best to time with a watch/clock. Slowly depress the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor. Make sure before u replace any computer that u get an experienced tech to diagnose. However, if the light doesnt turn back off, or continues to flash without turning off, then it means you have a problem. When there is a signal disruption, such as a problem with relay control, a loose electrical cable, or a damaged sensor, the system cannot operate. Your cars whole throttle body or unit can accept inputs from multiple sources thanks to an ETC. Went to start my car this morning and the engine did nothing. tracker 1754 for sale craigslist, knox county detention facility, baso4 soluble or insoluble,

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